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Sunday, January 31, 2010


What do you pack for a 6 month holiday!?
APPARENTLY I am a shocker for over-packing. Apparently...
Which usually isn’t a problem however this time we’ve got a lot of extra items to take like epirbs, PFD’s, life harnesses, wet weather gear, a new propeller, etc, and we don’t want to get stung for too much excess baggage.

Speaking of the propeller, does anyone else think that this looks like it would struggle to move the dinghy, let alone a 42 foot yacht:

Anyway, Stu very generously assisted me with my packing conundrum by giving me a weight limit. Of 5kgs. 5kgs!!! I struggle to stick to 7kgs for a weekend trip to Melbourne with carry-on baggage! 5kgs for 6 months?? Challenge on.

Weighing individual items.
Realisation that I really don’t need 6 pairs of shoes (and I thought I was being controlled only taking 6 in the first place).
Realisation that in all honesty I’ll probably wear pretty much the same thing every day on the boat, rotating a couple of pairs of shorts and tops, and that it will be for comfort not fashion.
Probably don’t need 2 pairs of jeans.
Will wear my heavier items on the plane.
Resign myself to the fact that even if I could pack anything I wanted my outfit is not going to cut it walking down Rodeo Drive so I’ll suck it up and stick with ‘tourist chic’ (maybe I’ll be noticed and you’ll see it on the catwalk next year?!)
One dress for when we are in port and I want to feel human again and wear something other than what will probably be my uniform shorts and singlet top.
Well, maybe 2 dresses...
Minimal personal items (deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, 4 items of make-up, shaver... although if I go totally ‘tourist chic’ perhaps I could forgo the shaver to save myself 25 grams... or maybe not ...).
Do I really want to that that top / those shorts / that jacket?

Oh, the pressure! Moment of truth – held my breath and put everything on the scales... 6 KGS!!! YES!!! HOW GOOD AM I???!!!

And Stu’s response??
“Do you think you can cut that down a bit??”

As an afterthought, I may well have sacrificed a few vital items that I haven’t realised yet (did I pack underwear??! ) but being in California for a couple of weeks before we leave should sort that out and I’ll just have to buy the things I didn’t bring. Which means.... SHOPPING!!! And because Stu set the weight limit he really can’t argue the point. Which means that I’ll have shopping freedom!
Which I guess means that I won after all... *grin*

Things I’ll Miss – Part 1 (a)

Friends getting fat!

Congratulations to Kathryn, due on July 4, and Danielle, due on August 4!

I’m used to seeing Kathryn as a Mum because of the delightful Josh, but it will be very strange to come back in August and see Danielle, who does not look at all pregnant at the moment, with a massive stomach or a baby!

If I hear any good names on my travels I’ll let you know, girls! Meanwhile, there’s always ‘Kymberley’...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I'll Miss - Part 1

Well, enough of that guff (it was for your benefit Danielle, following our conversation the other day…I’m sure you appreciated it, but enough.).
Time for serious things. We are leaving in 4 days. For 6 months. To SAIL back to Australia. That means surrounded by water. No land in sight. And creatures I don’t even want to think about swimming around below us. In very, very deep water… *shudder*. Suddenly 42 feet of yacht sounds about as good as a dinghy! But let’s not think too much about that...

Anyway – I digress. 6 months away from home…

This post is dedicated to things I’ll miss. In no particular order (and a work in progress – hence this is part 1):

1. Family

Ok, this goes without saying, but of course rates a mention! My family live in SA, VIC and China so it’s not like I get to see them every week or anything, but it’s nice to know they’re only a $100 flight away, or a phone call, or a Skype video call to see important things like Taylah’s first lost tooth, but with limited internet and phone access it will be a strange feeling not checking in as regularly as I do now. Stu’s family live in Hobart, and it will be odd not being able to drop in and see them. I will also miss Dave and Jill’s amazing home made bread (hint for when we return!!) and Richard’s late night phonecall’s to Stu about some random e-Bay bargain…

2. Squirrel

No, not


3. Boot Camp

Seriously. I know it’s hard to believe that I’ll miss those gruelling sessions 3 times a week. But it is so addictive and a great stress reliever, and I get the jitters if I miss it even once because it is so ingrained in to my weekly routine! I don’t quite know how I’ll cope without it! Also, Better Body Boot Camp (shameless promo) is almost solely responsibly for my 6-pack stomach! Admittedly it’s a 6-pack hidden by a layer of fat… but that’s another story. It’s definitely there though, somewhere…!! Maybe it will be more obvious after 6 months of sailing rations…

4. Friends

Another obvious point – but again, goes without saying. You don’t realise how much you take for granted being surrounded by friends at work and being able to just turn around and have a chat (who will I discuss calories with??!!), or just dropping in to and see people on the weekend or after work (especially when they feed you roasts and home-made pizzas!! Hmmm…refer to point 3... I think I’ve found my problem).

I'm hoping that the lure of a wedding invitation in December will encourage people to keep in touch while we're away - lol! Don't forget us!!

5. Regular showers

Well, regular proper showers. Somehow I don’t think the saltwater version is going to cut it, but beggers can’t be choosers… That said, I figure if we all smell bad we won’t notice…

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you believe it's actually happening??!!

About two-and-a-half years ago I was talking to  this guy I’d met about a dream of his. He wanted to sail a yacht back from the USA to Hobart, and he filled my head with stories of other people who had made similar trips and the amazing things they’d seen and done. As fantastic as it sounded, I couldn’t help thinking that it was just a pipe dream and to be honest the phrase “blinding me with fake science” kept coming in to my head – was he regaling me with these stories and promises of a lifetime of adventure simply to keep me interested, in much the same way that advertisers draw us in with their promises?! Well, fast forward to now, and in just over 3 days, on Feb 1st 2010, we will be flying to Los Angeles to start the trip of a lifetime - the realisation of a dream! Turns out it wasn’t so much a pipe dream as something that Stu always knew he would do, (and if you know the Watson’s you really wouldn’t be surprised!!) and I’m lucky enough to be the person with whom he will be sharing this awesome experience. Me, and some great friends who have signed on for all the fun and frustration, laughter and lunacy, boredom and bravery that any great journey brings.

Welcome to our adventure – we hope you enjoy it as much as we intend to!