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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you believe it's actually happening??!!

About two-and-a-half years ago I was talking to  this guy I’d met about a dream of his. He wanted to sail a yacht back from the USA to Hobart, and he filled my head with stories of other people who had made similar trips and the amazing things they’d seen and done. As fantastic as it sounded, I couldn’t help thinking that it was just a pipe dream and to be honest the phrase “blinding me with fake science” kept coming in to my head – was he regaling me with these stories and promises of a lifetime of adventure simply to keep me interested, in much the same way that advertisers draw us in with their promises?! Well, fast forward to now, and in just over 3 days, on Feb 1st 2010, we will be flying to Los Angeles to start the trip of a lifetime - the realisation of a dream! Turns out it wasn’t so much a pipe dream as something that Stu always knew he would do, (and if you know the Watson’s you really wouldn’t be surprised!!) and I’m lucky enough to be the person with whom he will be sharing this awesome experience. Me, and some great friends who have signed on for all the fun and frustration, laughter and lunacy, boredom and bravery that any great journey brings.

Welcome to our adventure – we hope you enjoy it as much as we intend to!


  1. Cute photos of the squirrel - mister, considering she always runs away when we come it is a rare moment I have actually seen the squirrelator. I will have to drink champers alone now (tear ;() but I bet you will have a great time. Dave said Stus blog should be awesome, it will read;

    From Stu

    I think yours will be far more interesing!
    Cya tonight!

  2. Yes, well - you'll note that I had to wait until Squiz was asleep before I managed to take photos... And in the first photo she was only paying me attention because she was preparing to pounce!

  3. Have a great time and dont forget to keep us all posted.

  4. Steve LeshnerFebruary 03, 2010

    Great to meet you and good luck with the trip.Hope you enjoy my sail more than I got to.Treat each other well and have some fun for all us wannabees.

  5. have the rest of the crew arrived?its 23:00 hrs?

  6. steve leshnerApril 09, 2010

    Great to know you got there safe I tracked you a few times every day and it looked like you were doing fine.Stay healthy and keep us up on your trip.Cheers,Steve