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Sunday, January 31, 2010


What do you pack for a 6 month holiday!?
APPARENTLY I am a shocker for over-packing. Apparently...
Which usually isn’t a problem however this time we’ve got a lot of extra items to take like epirbs, PFD’s, life harnesses, wet weather gear, a new propeller, etc, and we don’t want to get stung for too much excess baggage.

Speaking of the propeller, does anyone else think that this looks like it would struggle to move the dinghy, let alone a 42 foot yacht:

Anyway, Stu very generously assisted me with my packing conundrum by giving me a weight limit. Of 5kgs. 5kgs!!! I struggle to stick to 7kgs for a weekend trip to Melbourne with carry-on baggage! 5kgs for 6 months?? Challenge on.

Weighing individual items.
Realisation that I really don’t need 6 pairs of shoes (and I thought I was being controlled only taking 6 in the first place).
Realisation that in all honesty I’ll probably wear pretty much the same thing every day on the boat, rotating a couple of pairs of shorts and tops, and that it will be for comfort not fashion.
Probably don’t need 2 pairs of jeans.
Will wear my heavier items on the plane.
Resign myself to the fact that even if I could pack anything I wanted my outfit is not going to cut it walking down Rodeo Drive so I’ll suck it up and stick with ‘tourist chic’ (maybe I’ll be noticed and you’ll see it on the catwalk next year?!)
One dress for when we are in port and I want to feel human again and wear something other than what will probably be my uniform shorts and singlet top.
Well, maybe 2 dresses...
Minimal personal items (deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, 4 items of make-up, shaver... although if I go totally ‘tourist chic’ perhaps I could forgo the shaver to save myself 25 grams... or maybe not ...).
Do I really want to that that top / those shorts / that jacket?

Oh, the pressure! Moment of truth – held my breath and put everything on the scales... 6 KGS!!! YES!!! HOW GOOD AM I???!!!

And Stu’s response??
“Do you think you can cut that down a bit??”

As an afterthought, I may well have sacrificed a few vital items that I haven’t realised yet (did I pack underwear??! ) but being in California for a couple of weeks before we leave should sort that out and I’ll just have to buy the things I didn’t bring. Which means.... SHOPPING!!! And because Stu set the weight limit he really can’t argue the point. Which means that I’ll have shopping freedom!
Which I guess means that I won after all... *grin*


  1. I can't believe you actually got it to 6 kgs, you are amazing!!!!! If Stu thinks you might be able to get any lower, he's got rocks in his head :)

  2. Kym, now that you have been excessive in your luxury items and blown the Kg limit, you become personally liable for all excess luggage charges! Start to learn that everything that goes wrong IS YOUR FAULT!!!

    P.S. Thanks Stu, the Toyota Corona started first time this morning and I did not have to use the FLY SPRAY you left me to spay in the carburettor before turning the key! I think that is really good given my arms are not twelve foot long and as such cannot reach the carburettor and key at the same time!!! Furthermore, is FLY SPRAY really ok to use in your motor? I'll try some in the Subaru first!

  3. Kymie Kymie Kymie....if Mary Ann could last 3 years stuck on Gilligans Island with a perky smile, one shirt, one pair of shorts, a pair of thongs and some underbits and bobs, surely you could live in absolute bliss for 6 months on a hopefully non-leaky boat with 6kgs of your haute couture. Enjoy...and, when is the sea journey likely to start?