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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Big Banana

When we suggested that they could come and visit us, we didn’t realise that the trip was 4 hours each way...But to our delight some friends from Hobart, who now live in Brisbane, decided to come and visit us here in Coffs Harbour. Kel and Andrew gave us a taste of normality again (well, ‘normality’ could be argued...) , and a taste of home, and we commemorated the occasion with a visit to The Big Banana!

‘The Big Banana – it’s a whole bunch of FUN!’
(Promises, promises...)

Yes, yes, I know it’s “bigger than most bananas, plus probably bigger than what you have been living in for 6 months” (thanks for pointing that out JK...) but I was imagining a colossal structure that would awe me with its mammoth proportions! But I guess that yes, it is a big banana, as far as bananas go...

And I guess there aren’t many banana that you can walk through, either...

The gift shop was filled with all thing banana-ry (it's amazing what you can give a banana theme to!!) and the cafe full of all things banana flavoured. Lucky we like bananas.... We settled for banana fritters with ice-cream (yes, banana ice-cream):

(tasted better than it looks, particularly once all the cream had been scraped off!!)

and the failsafe banana lollies

Banana cheers!!

Once we were all banana'd out we went for a bit of a cruise around Coffs (in a car! What a novelty!!) and finished up back at the marina where Stu and Andrew indulged in some fresh oysters from the local fish market.

Thanks again, Kel and Andrew, for driving so far to see us! We really appreciate it and it was lovely to see you :)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    Hi - we could have stopped off and seen you all on Saturday as we drove through Coffs on our way back to Sydney - we thought we had missed you on the way up to the Gold Coast. Are you stopping in Sydney? Love Catherine