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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Goodbye Noumea, Hello Australia!!

We're leaving Noumea today (in about 1 hour actually), heading for Coffs Harbour. We're expecting the trip to take about 7 days. The weather looks good, we feel good about the trip (unlike last time when I had a bad feeling about it, and look what happened...) and we're keen to get going.

We had a look on board Plastiki while we were here – it’s surprisingly big inside! Mind you I’m sure it would shrink drastically with 7 people onboard – Pelon does that with only two of us. The bunks look quite cozy and it has a real homely feel about it.

Looking aft from the cockpit door



They have also been able to get their garden going again, now that the weather is cooler. It would be fantastic to be able to have ready access to fresh vegetables at sea.

Port Moselle marina has been a great place to stay.

Pelon is the second boat along

It has a nice feel to it, and is close to markets and shops – we are never far from a pastry or a crusty baguette!

Mmmmm - fresh baguette...

865 miles to Coffs harbour - next post from Australia!

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