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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wednesday 14th July 2010

We collapsed in to bed last night after filling our bellies with a fantastic antipasto platter, chilli calamari and chocolate crème brulee, however with the forecast gales hitting as predicted and the wind howling through the rigging of all the boats in the marina we didn’t sleep very well . We woke up hideously early – about 5:30am – but were treated to yet another speccy sunrise plus some impressive spray over the breakwater. We were very glad that we weren’t out in it last night.

The best beach we've seen in 6 months

We filled our day finding the world's best hambrger shop, doing our laundry and wandering up to the supermarket. The supermarket! We couldn't believe how wonderful that little IGA was after all the rubbish shops we've seen! We are really very lucky to live in a country that has such good quality food - a great range and no shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables, and healthier options just about everywhere you look. Cereal without added sugar, fancy that! Yoghurt made simply from milk, fruit and live cultures without a long list of numbers and chemicals, can you believe it? Fresh milk without anything added (in the US the milk has added sugar, and once we left mainland USA it was long-life milk everywhere) - who would have thought? Bread that actually has to be chewed and doesn't just dissolve in your mouth due to all the added rubbish and, once again, all the added sugar. Imagine! Lean meat, RECOGNISABLE meat!

We're also loving being in a clean place that doesn't smell of sewage, isn't covered in rubbish, doesn't have beggars and winos sitting on the street and where we always feel safe.

As much as it is sprouted around and sounds like a load of guff, we really do live in the lucky country. This trip has really reiterated that for us and we hope that we will no longer take it for granted. We love Australia  :)

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