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Friday, July 2, 2010


Ah, the pastries, the pâté, the meats and deli items, the desserts!
Food that we only dream of at sea, and unlike any food we have seen for the last few months!

Crème Brulee
(The general consensus was that Max makes a better one, however I think Stu is just keeping his crème brulee options open for when we get home...)

(so good that I could overlook the revolting piles of spray cream...)

There is a market right next to the marina where we go each morning. Just to look, of course, and to absorb the sights and smells...

Of course it would be rude to just stand and stare at all of the delicacies without purchasing something... And it IS our last hurrah before setting sail again and then hitting the Australian coast where we will be only a week or so from home and back to normality...

(and people are asking me whether we have lost weight or put on weight on this trip... I’ll leave that to your imagination...and just add that we are blissfully living in gluttonous sin...)

(if your initials are JK or RK please disregard that last bit...)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 02, 2010

    Good one guys nearly home!! yah. We are in American Samoa. Just thought we'd drop you a line to say hi and to make sure you were still floating.
    Best wishes
    Mike, Kirstin and Ocean
    SV Kia Kaha