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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Feb 19 2010

Goodbye to Dana Point

We left Dana Point today, headed for Catalina Island (Avalon). It was so good to finally get Pelon out and sailing, although we only got the sails up for an hour or so as the wind wasn’t on our side and we ended up motoring most of the way. We arrived at Avalon at about 5:30pm.

An interesting mooring experience – an odd setup that we had no idea how to work but we figured it out (and didn’t hit the boat next to us!!)

Avalon looked quite pretty and quaint. We had a great seafood meal at ‘The Lobster Trap’ and have finally learnt to order either appetizer sizes or one meal between 2 as the serves are so massive (we were wasting a LOT of food!).

Rough night in Avalon tonight – the boat rocked and rolled a lot with the high winds and the mast and rigging creaked and clanged. With the mast right next to Stu’s head in the forward cabin it makes for a very un-restful night.

Heading to Two Harbours tomorrow (the other side of Catalina Island), hoping to leave for Hawaii on Sunday.

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