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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick update

Well, we're back at Catalina Island... Headed off on Tues 23rd bound for Hawaii but copped a big storm about 3 days out. Not overly pleasant...Was easiest to go with it and we eventually turned around and headed back to Catalina. No one was injured although the boat's jib tore and we had massive waves and lots of wind. Now that we're back we've looked at weather reports and it seems that there was an earthquake off the coast of Hawaii on the 23rd and off the coast of Chile on the 26th, so I guess we we caught in the middle of them!!
More details to follow, but just letting everyone know we're all safe, although sick of being cold and damp all the time...


  1. Glad you are all okay!!! You are now prepared for the trip having a start like that!!! Is great having this info so we can keep a track of what you are up to!!! Now have google account to add comments!

  2. mary ellen says she is glad she wasn't with this time glad your all safe thats the main thing,

  3. Good to see that you are both safe and sound. The day you turned around I was looking at the tracker at work telling everyone 'it must be broken' coz it looks like the Pelon is heading back to Catalina?!?!? Little did i know.....
    Seems that heading back to the island was a good plan and will give you a chance to recuperate before you set off again... ahh life on the open sea 'beautiful one day ...tsunami the next !!!!! take care and keep safe!!