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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday 25th Feb 2010

This morning everyone felt sick due to the huge amount of rolling and heaving that the boat was doing – and so constant! We all just wanted a rest from the constant excessive motion! It took me about an hour to get up due to having to lie down to recover with eyes closed and deep breathes after each maneuver (one sock on, recover; second sock on, recover…). Going to the loo was a bit of a drama too, and being at the bow it was probably the part of the boat that exaggerated the movement of the boat the most. I finally made it on deck with the others – salty rice crackers and oranges were our friend today, although none of us felt like eating (as an aside, we all lost a few kgs over the few days!).

The water seemed to be smoothing out a bit however we were all hanging out for the trade winds which Stu assured us meant a constant tail wind and smoother sailing, plus warm weather! (bikini weather tomorrow, Bruce predicted). Warmer weather will be a welcome change, as it’s been really cold so far.

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