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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturday Feb 20th 2010

Left Avalon at 9am, heading for Two Harbours. Again, we had to motor the whole way due to no wind.

We saw whale spray in the distance which was pretty exciting. This was soon followed by whale tails in the distance, and then a pod of 3 whales swimming along about 35 metres from the stern! We think they were Pilot whales (after looking at some stuff later on) but haven’t kept up on our whale identification studies so can’t be sure.

Two Harbours - Catalina Harbour (near) and Isthmus Harbour (far)

Our mooring at Two Harbours was much more successful, although there weren’t many people to witness our success. Booked in for tea at the only restaurant in town, and the guy warned us to watch out for buffalo as we were walking back after dinner. Some kind of local joke, we figured, however when walking home we suddenly became aware of a big dark shape about 2 metres to our left… Torch on, and there was a buffalo bull standing there looking at us! Needless to say we didn’t hang around long. Apparently they were brought to Catalina Island for a movie years ago (Catalina Island aka Coney Island, by the way) and were just left here after the filming ended. There are about 250 buffalo on the island at the moment, and when the population gets too big they ship some off to the mainland to ‘roam free’, where they gain 600 pounds due to the better grazing. These things are already big – wouldn’t want to be 2 metres from one 600 pounds heavier.

Pelon moored at Two Harbours - Catalina (Cat) Harbour

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