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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tues 23 Feb 2010

Woke up to another nice day - hooray!

Said goodbye to a guy we had met in the marina, who was from ’the swamps of Louisiana’ (his words). Apparently it’s a great place to party, because unlike the big towns where the police will throw you in jail for being drunk, in his home town they will just handcuff you to a fence for the night to sleep it off…

We set off at about 11:30 but, after motoring for a few hours to charge the batteries, we put the sails up and... no wind! Well, very minimal anyway. Slow progress, so turned the engine back on to get us going.

But - goodbye Catalina Island, and Hawaii here we come!

Flat seas with Catalina Island in the distance

First Pacific Ocean sunset.

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