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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saturday 15th May 2010

We crossed the equator today at about 4:00pm, toasting Neptune with a mouthful of gin (me) and scotch (Stu) and splashing Neptune’s share over the side.

GPS position S00°00’00

Gin for Neptune

Damn hot on the equator - not much call for anything other than bathers

The weather is incredibly hot, which I think is great but Stu thinks is too much. I suppose if it were a few degrees cooler it would be better – as it is we can’t sit up on deck for too long or we’ll burn to a crisp (even though we slather ourselves in 30+) and the deck is so hot that to stand on it even for a few seconds burns the soles of our feet to the point where they feel like they are melting off. But it’s not raining and it’s not stormy, so I’m not complaining!

As the sun went down and the stars appeared, it was nice to see the stars of the Southern Cross dominating the sky again. Crossing in to the southern hemisphere really makes me feel like we’re so much closer to home and, while I don’t want to wish away the rest of our holiday, that’s a really nice feeling.

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