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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday 21st May 2010

After a rough night last night the wind is back, however we've only just seen the last of the drenching rain (9:00am) and there is clear, blue sky on the horizon heading our way.

We reefed in teh jib yesterday evening as we saw a squall coming and decided to keep it reefed overnight.  This turned out to be a good decision as, while we still had periods of calm, we copped a number of squalls.

On one watch I saw a flash out the corner of my eye and, after peering in that direction for a minute, I saw it again - lightening! It was quite a distance away and heading away from us however at about 4:00am we got our turn. I love thunderstorms at home and in the past have complained that Hobart storms don't tend to put on a good show. This one, with its low grumbles of thunder and huge amounts of lightening (sheet and fork) would have been fantastic to watch - from the safety of a house...Sitting in the middle of the ocean with a 60 foot metal mast being the tallest thing for miles and miles was not the most pleasant situation to be in. I was very thankful when it all blew over at about 7am. Our first, and hopefully last, encounter with lightening on this trip. Bring on the big thunderstorms, but only once we've finished this trip and we're safely back on land!

The weather last night has made the sea quite lumpy and the movement of the boat is pretty uncomfortable, but at least we've got wind again and are moving quickly towards Samoa.

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