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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saturday 8th May 2010

We spent most of today preparing the boat for leaving tomorrow, however of course there was still time for fun. Mike and Kirsten invited us to go for a drift snorkel where we dinghy out through the channel then (towing the dinghy with a rope around Mike’s leg) ride the incoming tide and current back to the boats. There wasn’t a large number of fish but there was more variety than what Stu and I saw scuba diving in Waikiki. The water here is so, so clear, and even without seeing masses of fish it was a great way to fill in an hour and cooled us all down nicely too.

Mike, Kirsten and Ocean came over for goodbye drinks. They seem to be seriously considering coming to Hobart, which would be great!

The Many Moods of Ocean

I'm happy

I'm thinking of doing something evil
(complete with one raised eyebrow)

I'm very serious and important and look down my nose at you

I've had enough

Kirsten brought over some books to swap – my lifesaver, as I have been re-reading the books I brought and had swapped at the book swaps at Hilo and Honolulu. Unfortunately the book swap stands had very little in the way of quality reading, full of sailing-related stories (Stu got ‘Rescue in the Pacific’; and this after reading some cruising disaster book before we left. Not what I want to fill my brain with while we’re bobbing away out here!!) and trashy romances *shudder*. However, desperate times called for desperate measures, but it meant that poor Kirstin got the dud deal in our book swap. (If you’re reading this – sorry!!).

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