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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spot Tracker - Current Position just East of Samoa

Hello everyone,

It is Rich here (Stu's brother). Just a quick message to say that the Spot Tracker is working occasionally again. The good news is, that as of about eleven hours ago, they were slightly East of Samoa (the next destination) and were on course. It is hard to work out how many days, until they arrive as the Spot Tracker has only given one position and then stopped again. I am guessing they have about four days to go and we will be able to get a better idea when the next position is received.

As Kym and Stu mentioned in the blog prior to leaving, they expected a large black spot to exist in the middle of the Pacific and they were right! As you would have noticed, the Spot Tracker cut out about six days out of Hawaii, this was due to the Satellite coverage or lack there of.

I have already been contact with Mum and Dad who arrived in Samoa earlier in the week and they have set up some wifi E-mail, so we should hear from Kym and Stu as soon as they arrive.



1 comment:

  1. I thought Stewart may have sold the tracker on ebay. Deena was beginning to worry, but I've always had the utmost confidence in Stu's sailing. Couldn't organise a rock fight in a quarry generally, but a fine sailor. Thanks for the update, is very nice to know they are on track. Dave.