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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Well, it wasn’t a night of pure gluttony like we were expecting, although we did get there a bit late so only got the end of the food. We made up for it with the wine though.

The menu consisted of foods we’d heard about but hadn’t tried – crawfish, gumbo (in the little bowl) and jumbalya (the yellow stuff), all of which were quite tasty.

The crawfish in particular were really good, although a lot of work to get the little bit of meat. They are basically little crayfish, as Claire will kindly show:

As with crays you only eat the tail meat so while some of these critters looked big and juicy, by the time you’d found the bit you could eat you were left with about 3cms of meat. But they were very, very tasty!

Bruce certainly ate his fill:

Once again we enjoyed a great night with Viggo, and also met a great new group of people. Apparently Fat Tuesday usually goes off, but it was rather quiet this year so by about 10pm there were only a couple of tables left so we all joined up and kept going. I think we were the cool table ;)

Somehow we ended up with feather boas:

The infamous Viggo!

And we discovered that Californian chardonnay is quite good.

As always, it was so good to meet some locals and we had such a fun time. They’re all interested in our trip, and are all praying for us! (We’re not sure yet whether it’s because they all think we’re crazy and need as much help as we can get, but we suspect as much... ! Even the diver who scrubbed our hull wrote that on our bill! Nice of them to be thinking about us though)

We have moved to a new marina berth, so the yacht club was only a 1 minute dinghy trip away which was
great. (I think Bruce enjoyed paddling us across...)

Surprisingly, heads weren’t too foggy the next day! Must have been the quality chardy.

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