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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday Feb 1st 2010

Hobart to Melbourne – only $100 excess baggage, a miracle! My personal baggage blew out to 9.7kgs, so I guess I could be considered personally responsible for the additional 10kgs over our limit, but clothes are a necessary evil I suppose (unless you’re crossing the Atlantic, for those who know the story...!!)

We were met in Melbourne by Dad and Anne, who treated us to a fantastic lunch at Sails on the Beach, at Elwood. Absolutely fantastic food, and very much appreciated because it’s probably the best meal we’re going to have in at least 6 months! They dropped us off at my sister Nic and her hubby Julian’s place – time to test-drive the bikes! My family bought us foldable travel bikes as an early wedding pressie, as we’d said that we were keen to buy some in the US so we could more easily explore the places we were going to visit.

These bikes are fantastic! They are only 14kgs, and fold up to a size that is easily portable and easily storable – a necessity on a boat with limited space! We had a test ride and they passed with flying colours, so my family is still invited to the wedding ;)

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