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Thursday, February 11, 2010


(plus a little health rant, which some may choose to skim over...!!)

Food addiction - it was always going to happen... however I‘m pleasantly surprised that it’s not twinkies, pop tarts, frosted mini-wheats or Reese’s peanut butter cups (or bars or biscuits or cereal... seriously – cereal!! Why would you buy a cereal that I can only guess is made to taste like a chocolate bar??!!). There are so many sugary options here. I know that snacks and breakfast cereals are a sugary, fatty, calorie-laden minefield anywhere, but it is really, really hard to find anything that doesn’t have sugar (or “dehydrated cane juice”...!!) as the first or second main ingredient, particularly in breakfast cereals that are supposed to kick-start bodies and brains first thing in the morning!! We’re still getting our gas stove organised on the boat (aka – no gas and a seized bottle) so we’ve been eating out eating out for breakfast, and I’m constantly on the lookout for something that’s going to fuel me properly. We have found a nice little cafe for breakfast in the marina, and I have discovered their ‘power pancakes’! I had read about them months and months ago, but they aren’t available in Australia, so I was rather excited to see them on the menu. And wow – they are divine!

I had them this morning with yoghurt and fresh fruit. Awesome. And I didn’t need lunch! (that said, breakfast was only at about 11:45am...!!)
We have tried a few American chocolates, some of which are good (Junior Mints and Reese’s peanut malt balls) and some which are not so good (chocolate covered cookie dough balls and anything cinnamon flavoured – what were we thinking??!!) but nothing that I would sell my first-born for, and now that I’ve tried them I can live without them. Have also had some divine Mexican food – being so close to the Mexican border there’s a strong influence and of course the restaurants are more authentic than ‘Tacos’ in Hobart... Washed down with a Corona of course (available pretty much anywhere - $10 for a dozen long-necks!)
Ezekiel bread
Believe it or not, I had read about this too! It’s called ‘Ezekiel bread’ because – according to the packet - it’s inspired by Ezekiel 4:9 in the Bible – “take wheat and barley and beans and lentils and millet and spelt and put them in one vessel and make bread of it...” And – for those who care (time to glaze over for the rest of you!!) – the combination of these sprouted grains and legumes apparently creates a complete protein that closely parallels to the protein found in eggs and milk (84.3% as efficient as the highest recognised source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids). Yes, yes – yawn, yawn, I can hear some of you from here. Sorry – I get carried away...
But whatever - it’s really, really yummy!!
I have found a couple of great shops which I’ve become addicted to shopping in, or at the very least browsing in. Paradise shops for me, stocking all kinds of healthy, natural and organic foods. Of course they are more expensive, but great for a treat! And I’ve got Stu hooked on their Ezekial bread and ‘jam’, which is basically just pureed fruit.
Also can’t get over how cheap food is compared to home, in particular things like fresh blueberries (350gms for $4 – much better than 125gms for $5 at home) and 4 avocados for $2. With that and the cheap grog, we’re in heaven!! Pity I’m not earning any money at the moment to make the absolute most of it....

(Meanwhile, still missing boot camp... and already noticeable with all this food...but loving life!! Looking forward to a run now that I’ve got new sneakers, and a long bike ride now that we’ve got helmets and a pump. But JK – sign me up for your PT sessions from August 2!!!)

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