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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday 8th February 2010

Picked Bruce and Claire up from LAX at 7am. They looked bleary-eyed and tired, much the same as we felt when we arrived. We took them out for breakfast, wandered around a few shops, headed out for lunch - we’ve all heard about big American meals, well check this out:

We were basically trying to keep them awake until evening so they would sleep properly and hopefully get over their jet-lag. I think they lasted until about 7:30pm – a mammoth effort really!!

Nice to have some more company, and hoping that extra people will make Stu a bit more relaxed because he can hand out a few jobs. Or at least just act more relaxed because he doesn’t want them to see him crack it (which will also be a nice break for I’m sure those who know Stu will agree!!)

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  1. sounds great so far guys just eating your bengal chutney with lamb chops Kym SO YUMMY grab a photo of you guys on San Francisco tram that would be so COOL gotta go ciao from Deena