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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunday 7th February 2010

Superbowl Sunday!!

We heard from a helpful chap at Costco (when we commented on how insanely busy it was) that it was Superbowl weekend, so we thought we’d better make the most of the US version of AFL Grand Final day and find a bar to watch the game!

Ended up at a place in the Marina but didn’t get to watch much of the game as we ended up sitting near some really nice people – Barb and Al from Oregon, and Barry and Sherry who are locals. We had a great afternoon chatting to them and having a few drinks. For the record, the Wind & Sea makes awesome mai-tai’s.
Saw enough of the game to know that the Indiannapolis Colts were playing the New Orleans Saints. I was hoping the Colts would win, based on their blue uniform, but alas the same kiss of death I gave to every AFL team I went for in the finals kicked in and New Orleans came back to win convincingly. I think their gold trousers made them run faster or something.
I was also lucky enough to score some freebies:
- 4 Jim Beam shot glasses
- Jim Beam t-shirt
- 4 ‘Coors Light’ bottle openers, and
- 4 ‘Coors Light’ stubbie holders
(from the Jim Beam and Coors Light girls in skimpy outfits)

(also for the record, Coors Light is rather tasty too)

I played the ‘I’m an Australian and this is my first Superbowl experience’ card and also got given the helium balloons from behind the bar, which are now decorating the yacht.

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  1. Classy Swesh.
    Oh, and I'll have a couple cases of that gin thanks :)