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Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday 18th Feb 2010

We had hoped to leave for Catalina Island today, however at midday – when we were meant to leave our berth - we were still waiting for our sail to show up and so we’re here for another night. Which isn’t a bad thing because we love it here, however we’ve done our big stock up and we’re ready to get started!

The second aft cabin is our ‘pantry’:

We won’t have refrigeration apart from a massive esky which we have lined with block ice, which we’ve stocked with frozen meat (including bison mince!! ) and veggies, we’ve got our fruit in a hammock strung from the roof, and we’ve got loads of nibbly, snacky things which will keep us motivated on night watch. Plus masses of pantry staples, like rice, pasta, flour, eggs, spices, etc. Let’s just say we won’t be going hungry! We’ve also stocked up on lots and lots of tinned food as our emergency back-up, in case for some reason the trip takes longer than 3 weeks. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen – if only because I don’t think Claire and I would cope with Bruce and Stu living on refried beans and canned chilli...

The sail has arrived now, though, which means that – all going well – this is our last night in Dana Point. Which is a bit sad because we’ve loved being here and have met some wonderful people, but it’s also very exciting because it means we’re on to the next part of our adventure!

To celebrate, we bought cake!!

Catalina Island is only about 34 nautical miles from Dana Point, so will only be a day trip away and judging by what we’ve heard we’ll have to motor the whole way because there won’t be any wind, but at least we’re getting out there! We’ll probably stay there for 1 or 2 nights before starting the big Hawaii leg.

We’ll put the tracker on when we leave for Catalina Island – don’t forget to take a look!


  1. Great news about the sail. I think everyone reading your blog, Kym, is as excited as you guys must be to think you will be setting out soon out. Hey, that's a serious cake! How calories in a slice -- I'm sure you must have calculated that before a crumb passed your lips.

  2. That's a mighty big larder Kym so I imagine a lot of feasts to be enjoyed enroute. Good luck and safe sailing to you all!

  3. You call that a cake?

    I ran it through my nutritional data software and it seems as though it may have been a good choice. Looks like there are enough calories to last the four of you 7 months, so you'll have some to spare!

  4. Of course JK - that's all the food we're taking so calories are no problem!

    RnR - the packet doesn't even have a nutritional data panel on it (which is strange for here when even a fresh pineapple has a nutritional panel attached to it) so I couldn't tell you, but of course I looked. :) A lack of nutritional data probably represents its lack of nutrition so I guess that's accurate... Regardless I played it safe and just had a little bit of Stu's slice!

    (JK's voice is in my brain...!!)

  5. PS - 7 pounds of cake - that's the same as a new born and possibly more than both the twins put together!!! First ingredient = sugar... No high fructose corn syrup though, surprisingly because it's in everything else here!