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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday 11th April 2010

Had another shot at getting to Rainbow Falls today. In my enthusiasm I announced that we could easily ride our bikes there. I wasn't thinking clearly obviously and didn't register that waterfalls are caused by water falling down, therefore to get to them you have to go up. Up and up and up for a good hour at least...with Mr Grumpy complaining about the heat and the hill and the effort )which I agreed with but as it was my decision I had to pretend it was all fone, of course...). We got there, finally.. and it was still closed! Not to be outdone we went in anyway, as the viewing patform was only a couple hundred metres from the carpark. I'd love to say that the view was so spectacular that it made the pain worthwhile... It was very nice, but we were there for 5 minutes looking at the falls and 5 minutes discussing our bikes with people from a tour group who also ignored the 'closed' signs (our bikes are a major conversation starter everywhere we go - people love them!)before turning around and heading back to town.

Note the attractive sweat marks from the ride.
Also note that I haven't included a photo of myself :)

The 10 minute bike ride back was great though - all downhill, no peddling required!


We found out that the park had been closed as a tourist had ignored signs and advice from locals and had gone swimming in the 'Boiling Pot', coming to a disasterous end...

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