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Friday, April 9, 2010

Passing time on night watches


Anything and everything from top 40 to songs I sang at school as a kid. At one stage Stu called up to see if I was okay – obviously my singing made me sound like I was in distress! By the time I was sick of singing I’d only killed 30 minutes of a 2 hour watch 

Thinking about food I’d like to eat
- Vegemite on toast (I can’t believe we forgot to bring Vegemite!!)

- Lamb shanks with gravy and mashed potatoes from the Richmond Arms hotel (only ever been there once; not quite sure why this craving was so specific...!)

Thinking about work
Not as you’d expect, which would be thinking about how glad I was not to be there, but I was actually going through special claims in my head (I’m a sucker for a JRRR – can take the girl out of DEEWR but can’t take DEEWR out of the girl, it would seem). Also wondering what gossip was going on and missing the daily interaction with my friends there.

Thinking about what people would be doing at home
Probably killed 5 minutes figuring out what time it would be in Australia and China (brain hs slowed somewhat...), then ran through what people would be doing and what I’d be doing if I was home.

Eagerly anticipating a shower
I could fund our next trip if I bottled and sold the oil that has accumulated on my beanie-clad hair...

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