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Friday, April 9, 2010

Reminding us not to be complacent...

Cranking along at a good pace with just the jib set, but anticipating possible strong winds overnight (as we have had the last few nights) we decided to take in a bit of sail so as not to overpower the boat. Stu was winding the winch only to hear an ominous clunk – turns out the furling line has somehow tangled in the furler and we couldn’t furl the jib at all. So, 9:00 at night Stu’s on the bow in lumpy seas while I’ve got one hand on the wheel trying to keep us pointed into the wind and the other hand slowly releasing the jib halyard to lower the sail to Stu. Not an easy task trying to steer one handed when the boat didn’t want to go in to the wind, but otherwise the sail would have ended up in the water. A couple of stressful moments and a bit of yelling from both of us, but thankfully relatively non-eventful and the jib was safely down so we wouldn’t lose control overnight.

In a somewhat cruel twist of fate however, now that we have good, steady wind we need a calm, flat day to get the jib back up...

Now cruising along with just the main – bring on Hilo!

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