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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday 21st March 2010

Happy birthday to me!!

Better Body Boot Camp goes Global:  middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Stu gave me a Nike sportsband that I’d had my eye on, and a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne (!!) which we’ll save for a special occasion. He thought maybe the wedding. I’m thinking that sighting Hawaii for the first time might be reason enough to crack it... Either way, it’s pretty special to have a rather posho bottle of champers (which is so much cheaper here, but still a pricey drop!) and it will be coming with us if we have to bail! Any liquid is good when you're stranded, isn't it? Hope it’s nice...!! He did well smuggling these pressies on board, particularly because I was with him when he bought both and he was cunning enough to get away with it without me noticing! Quite strange not talking to my family on my birthday – first birthday I haven’t had lots of phone calls.

Wind is still very light although it has swung around and is pushing us along from behind. We put the spinnaker up for the first time today.

I wasn’t expecting to see birds out this far! We’re about 800kms out and they are still flying around – that’s a long round trip!


Sooo.... is it too early to feel bored..?

I’ve read nearly all books on board and while I’m enjoying relaxing and not doing a lot I’m starting to need something to occupy my brain a bit more, particularly now that I’m no longer feeling queasy and have settled in to the routine of watches and short stints of sleep.

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