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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tuesday 16th March 2010

We were ready to leave yesterday however decided to investigate the bilge first as the pump had been going overnight meaning there was water on the boat. Unfortunately there was a slow trickle of fresh water leaking in to the bilge meaning our tanks must be leaking somewhere. Not good. Fortunately (due to the ease of finding the source of the leak) it was the tank isolator taps on the manifold however we obviously couldn’t leave it like that as we would be losing our fresh water. A quick trip to West Marine (yet again...) this morning and although they didn’t sell the taps we needed we were able to buy things to fix the leak. A few moments of stress when we thought the dripping wouldn’t stop, but then it slowed until we were down to none. Phew! We bought an extra 25 litres anyway, just to cover us.


While we can still see the glow of lights from Los Angeles on the horizon tonight, the number of stars we can see is absolutely amazing! It’s quite surreal sitting under all these stars with the radio playing 80’s music – we’ll miss the radio when it’s gone.

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