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Friday, April 9, 2010

Saturday 20th March 2010

A very ‘rolly’ night but great to be able to get some solid hours sleep. Water is still really flat although weather feels like it’s warming up. Everything feels damp so looking forward to some warm days to air the boat and dry things out a bit.

The day has remained very calm but the temperature is lovely – hot enough for the bikini, finally! Also, the solar shower had warmed up enough to wash our hair! I have never felt so clean.

Wonder of wonders (and hoping not to jinx it by putting it in writing...) the autohelm appears to be working again! There is a very slight breeze too; not really enough to do anything but we have read that it can take up to 5 days for the weather to warm and the trade winds to start. Today is day 5 – here’s hoping we can really get moving now! That said it has been nice to have a hot day in calm weather to really relax, air out the cabin and not worry about anything much. It’s very peaceful and relaxing, and against everything I imagined I don’t even register that we’re a 5 day sail from the nearest land with 14000 feet of water below. I think it’s because I’m only really aware of what I can see, which is only to the horizon, so the distance isn’t in my head. Also, I see water every day at home that isn’t 14000 feet deep so the thought that this is doesn’t really cross my mind. It’s like a big Derwent River  Plus when you see someone else’s rubbish float past (plastic – grrr!!!) you remember that you’re not the only people left on the planet.

I can’t get over how blue and clear the water is – it’s beautiful! At times the sun hits the water at just the right angle to make patters that do down in to the water. Very cool.

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