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Friday, April 9, 2010

Wednesday 17th March 2010

The wind died out around 5:30am so we took the jib down and just bobbed around for a couple of hours while Stu slept. The water was very flat, which made me feel slightly nervous as we had super-flat water before the storm last time however as the sun came up we got a bit of breeze and still a good swell, unlike last time.

Stu and I discussed ‘weird’ things that happened last night, such as all being quiet and then we’d hear a splash of see a wake which didn’t appear to come from the boat. Maybe whales or dolphins or something, but it was a little eerie when everything was so quiet. I also saw something glowing underwater – jellyfish perhaps?

About 7am all was still when suddenly “WHOOMP” and the boat shuddered. Then again. Then again! My first thought was ‘earthquake’, then reality kicked in and I remembered that we were near the Navy Base island so chances are they were blowing things us. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling though and we could still hear and feel them a couple of hours later.

We’re still seeing Super Bowl helium balloons floating out here, although not as many as last time. The Super Bowl was 6 weeks ago and these things are still around! I’ll think twice before encouraging people to release helium balloons in the future!

Saw a school of what we assume were flying fish, about 30 of them leaping in and out of the water like dolphins do although only about to 10 inches long.

Wind has picked up and isn’t making for nice sailing. In fact I feel downright rotten. All I felt like eating was dry crackers so slowly downed a packet of premium biscuits. A couple of hours later and Stu was holding a bucket as I revisited those premiums... Premium puree... I don’t think I’ll ever eat them again...

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