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Friday, April 9, 2010

Saturday April 3rd 2010

Really looking forward to having some quiet, rather than the constant sounds of sailing – creaking, ropes banging, sails flapping, things crashing around in cupboards when the boat heels drastically; plus it will be so nice to be on solid ground again and go for a walk further than 30 feet!

I have decided that long distance sailing is not conducive to a healthy existence... Limited movement and too much processed and heavy food have left me feeling unfit, unhealthy and stodgy but once the fresh food is gone there’s not a lot of choice. As for exercise, when you’re not on watch you tend to want to catch up on sleep more than anything, plus the movement of the boat makes things particularly tricky! I’ve definitely put on weight, but then Stu has definitely lost weight so perhaps we’re balancing each other out! Either way I anticipate some hard work when we get back to regain my fitness levels and to get back to wedding shape (although I think I know just the person to push me to my limits and have the old me back in no time!)

As a side note – there was a flying fish on deck this morning, right where we would have been standing were we hand steering. One of us would have copped a fish in the head!

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