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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tuesday 30th March 2010

We had 2 days of grace with the autohelm – the wind was coming from a different direction so it worked like a dream, although unfortunately the wind was weak so we didn’t make much progress in those 2 days. Murphy’s Law – the wind picked up again yesterday evening but changed direction so the autohelm was useless. To add to the misery it was quite squally all night so it was wet and rough and not particularly safe or pleasant to be up there steering. For sanity’s (and safety’s) sake we stayed below and rotated watches to check upstairs. Unfortunately, while it meant that we were safe and dry (albeit uncomfortable), it also meant that we couldn’t stay on course so it was a wasted night. We moved in generally the right direction but not at all ideal.


Saw more flying fish, only this time really flying! It came out of the water and must have caught the wind or something and only went back in the water about 20 seconds later! I didn’t realise the ‘flying’ part was so literal.


Back-handed compliment of the year:

“I've been thinking - I never ever wanted to get married or anything. Never! I can’t believe I even asked you!
And now I can’t believe how much I can’t wait!”

Obviously fatigue-induced, coz he couldn’t remember saying it the next day...

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